París Visco Mattress

París Visco, the mattress of love
París Visco is one of the jewels of Sonpura for the hospitality sector. A mattress with Multisac® System technology with 500 pocket springs and 42 kg/m³ viscoelastic foam, designed to offer the most comforting rest even on the most difficult nights. Premium quality, it has all the ingredients to conquer the most demanding sleepers, who will enjoy a restful sleep that will make their dreams come true.

29 cm




Equal parts firmness and breathability

París Visco has an excellent balance between firmness and breathability, making it a highly comfortable mattress that adapts to the tastes and needs of each sleeper. It has a firmness and breathability level of 8 out of 10, which translates into great stability throughout the night, and a cool, dry sleep all year round.

Adaptability, rest and well-being guaranteed

A mattress that, thanks to Microsil, an advanced and innovative 25 kg/m³ technical foam, offers superior stability, generating a more comfortable and more suitable support for rest. If we add to this the 42 kg/m³ of viscoelastic, a heat-sensitive material that reduces pressure points, improves blood circulation and adapts to the body by reacting to temperature, and Confortec, a flexible material that combined with the rest of the materials offers greater comfort, with París Visco, rest and well-being are more than guaranteed.




Designed for the youngest in the family, the Multisac® System technology offers 500 pocket springs that guarantee excellent adaptation to the body and total independence of movement, with superior breathability and unbeatable comfort.


The viscoelastic reduces pressure points and promotes better blood circulation. It fully adapts to the body by reacting to body temperature.


Flexible material that, combined with the rest of the materials, favours rest, offering greater comfort.


Technical foam 25 kg/m³. Provides a comfortable and adequate support for rest.


A material without which the world would not be the same.


This timeless material is used in products for children as well as seniors. Its multiple uses make it one of the most widely used raw materials.

The mattress that ensures your guests return

At Sonpura we are aware that part of the success of a hotel lies in the mattresses it uses, which is why we have created París Visco, a mattress that will not only adapt to the needs of your guests, but will exceed their expectations, providing them with a unique and incomparable rest that they will not forget. Guests will return.

It is a mattress made with the most advanced, innovative and effective materials from Sonpura, which has the Multisac® system of 500 pocket springs independently pocketed for the 150 x 190 cm size, which offers the best support and total independence of movement between the two sides of the bed.

With a double-sided system of equal composition, in which both sides have the same components, so that it can be used indistinctly on each side, it is also protected with the Compact system with lateral reinforcement, which makes the mattress casing non-deformable, thus increasing its useful life considerably.

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