Hotel pillow made of high quality anti-allergenic fibres
Elixir is the solution for your guests to enjoy a comfortable and healthy rest. Made with premium quality anti-allergenic fibres, it incorporates a 100% cotton outer case with anti-dust mite treatment so that you only have to worry about sleeping, and nothing else. High firmness, it is perfect for sleeping on your side or on your back. It's up to you.

28.00 € PVPR


Healthy rest for people with allergies

Elixir is a pillow for all types of sleepers, specifically designed for people with allergies. It is filled with Topfil, a top-quality, anti-allergenic, siliconised hollow fibre that provides superior comfort, adapting to the movement of your head, without having to worry about dust mites or bacteria.

Anti-mite treatment

The outer case of Elixir is made of 100% cotton with anti-mite treatment, and incorporates a zip so you can easily wash it and keep it always in optimal conditions. Its inner case is also made of 100% cotton, to provide a fresh and healthy rest. With a medium-high firmness, it provides perfect support when sleeping on your back or side.


Core composed of Topfil anti-allergenic siliconised hollow fibre.


100% natural cotton case of great strength and softness.

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