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Find the best mattress for your establishment.

Choosing the ideal mattress for your establishment is not simply a choice between durability, comfort, and cost-effectiveness. At Sonpura we know that these are basic and essential aspects of a mattress. That's why we help you choose the best mattress for your hotel, the one that will ensure your guests have a unique sleeping experience. Regardless of who they are.

If your main goal is to achieve 100% capacity and get positive reviews about your establishment, you have come to the right place. We have conducted research on 1000 hotels that has helped us understand the needs and expectations of guests according to the type of establishment they are staying at.

The ideal mattress for the most demanding sleepers

When your guests expect an immersive experience, they are looking for excellence in service and the environment, quality food and quiet during their stay. These 3 mattresses are specially designed to meet the expectations of your guests in terms of relaxation

Mattresses for select guests

If your guests want to live an experience full of comfort and independence and place value on the quality of everything they encounter during their stay, you can count on our line of products designed to provide the right support for the body, relieve pressure points while sleeping and offer your guests a memorable and quality experience.

Mattresses for globetrotting guests

If the guests that stay at your accommodation are looking for comfort and service, expect to get a good night sleep and enjoy the experiential tourism offered by the geographical area where you are located, with this selection of mattresses you will exceed their expectations, you will offer them an added value they do not expect and you will leave them with a very good impression.

Mattresses for environmentally conscious guests

Consumers are increasingly looking for ethically responsible and environmentally sustainable experiences. If your type of establishment is in line with social responsibility and ecological movements, thanks to our Recycled line mattresses you can offer them a refreshing and sustainable bedding experience.

Mattresses for exclusive establishments

If your establishment offers exclusivity and customized services, with Sonpura you have found the perfect partner to design a product from scratch that meets the needs of your guests. We customize the comfort, materials, fabrics and embroidery of the mattresses with the name of your brand, hotel chain or accommodation. We help you design a mattress that will transform the bedding experience of your guests.


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