A material without which the world would not be the same


An essential raw material

A mixture of iron and carbon, steel is the perfect structural material. Present in practically everything around us, it improves the properties of iron, increasing its strength and versatility.

The use of steel changed the world

As the most widely used metallic compound because it can be easily shaped, the introduction of steel changed the world. Homogeneous, it is resistant to tensile forces and compression, and completely isotropic, maintaining the same physical properties in all directions.

A key element of your mattresses and your rest

The independent pocket springs of Sonpura mattresses are made of tempered steel and covered with Spunbond, a fibrous and breathable fabric.

The high strength of the steel guarantees excellent bed independence, preventing movements from being transmitted from one zone to another. One of our best kept secrets.


Present in our bases

It is present in the structure of our bases, made with a robust steel structure, with anti-corrosion treatment and a top quality finish. Essential in supporting your mattress, complementing the comfort and convenience you desire for your rest.




Sonpura's revolutionary pocket springs are made of tempered steel, an essential material that guarantee an even distribution of pressure and a perfect adaptation. The result? Mattresses that mould to body weight, offer independent rest for each body zone and relieve pressure points.