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  1. We understand the reality of your business.
  2. We provide the best proposal according to our wide range of products with Multisac technology.
  3. Try the room with your guests.
  4. Start generating experiences and getting positive feedback.

The mattress everyone is talking about

"Having your guests experience a unique rest is going to ensure you get better reviews on your establishment and make them prescribers of your accommodation."

Some of the most valued attributes in the reviews are considered to be comfort and bedding, the latter being directly linked to your guests' rest.

If your customers experience a unique relaxation experience, you will get better reviews on your establishment and they will become prescribers of your accommodation.

We know that you are what you sleep, so at Sonpura we have defined unique sleep experiences, based on your needs and those of your guests.

The Sonpura method makes life simple

The Sonpura method for choosing mattresses for your establishment will make your life simple.

Unlike other manufacturers that do not allocate resources to improve the quality of sleep of your guests, and use obsolete technologies that do not guarantee independent sides of beds or adaptability to different body types, Sonpura can.

Thanks to our innovative Multisac technology, we can ensure that your guests enjoy a memorable sleep experience. Guests will feel the quality of the service you offer while they sleep, they will wake up refreshed and you will enhance the perception and value of your accommodation.

You will also improve the ergonomic precision of any of your guests, regardless of their body type, you will ensure that couples do not disturb each other while they sleep, thanks to the beds having independent sides, and you will help them enjoy a pleasant night's sleep thanks to the breathability of its materials. By being able to personalize this experience, your guests will reward you with positive reviews of your establishment on recognized platforms.

Choose the 5 starmattress 5stars


Now, with Sonpura, you can test our products by setting up pilot rooms at no cost to you; your customers will endorse our unique proposal of rest and you will get better reviews as a result.