Berlín Mattress

Rest as you deserve with Berlín
Berlín is a mattress with Multisac® System technology with 500 pocket springs in stretch fabric and viscoelastic designed for the sleeper to enjoy the most throughout the night. With a firmness level of 7 out of 10 and excellent breathability, we manufacture it in sizes 27 and 32 centimetres in height. A premium quality mattress with flame-retardant and anti-bedbug treatment.

32 cm




500 pocket springs for a restful sleep

Berlín is a mattress equipped with the Multisac® System, which provides the sleeper with a total of 500 independently pocketed springs to provide a restful sleep, even on the most difficult nights. With extra comfort and breathability, it is a mattress of maximum softness with a lightweight structure that provides an excellent level of aeration, ensuring you sleep cool and dry every night.

Rest and wellness

With Berlín, rest and wellness will be totally guaranteed, since it is made with Confortec, a flexible material that, combined with the rest of the materials, favours rest with greater comfort that is difficult to match. All this with total independence of movement, as it adapts perfectly to the body of the sleeper.



Designed for the youngest in the family, the Multisac® System technology offers 500 pocket springs that guarantee excellent adaptation to the body and total independence of movement, with superior breathability and unbeatable comfort.


The viscoelastic reduces pressure points and promotes better blood circulation. It fully adapts to the body by reacting to body temperature.


Flexible material that, combined with the rest of the materials, favours rest, offering greater comfort.


Technical foam 25 kg/m³. Provides a comfortable and adequate support for rest.


A material without which the world would not be the same.


This timeless material is used in products for children as well as seniors. Its multiple uses make it one of the most widely used raw materials.

Make your dreams come true with Berlín

Manufactured with advanced materials of the highest quality, Berlín is a mattress ready to revolutionize your rest and well-being, designed to make your dreams come true.
Berlín features viscoelastic foam 42 kg/m³, a temperature sensitive material that reduces pressure points while promoting good blood circulation. This way, it manages to fully adapt to the body by reacting to body temperature, being suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive, thanks to the fact that it is totally free of harmful substances.
Beneficial to your health, Berlín has a double-sided system of equal composition, in which both parts of the mattress are identical, allowing you to use them interchangeably, thus increasing the useful life and keeping it in perfect condition for much longer.
Thus, Berlín offers excellent adaptability and a superior level of comfort, so that the sleeper only has to worry about enjoying himself, without problems caused by heat, pressure points or movement between the two sides.

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