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Multisac® Technology

The main difference between each of the technologies can be identified by the diameter of their springs. The more springs, the more support points that adapt to the curves of your body.

Committed to product durability


At Sonpura we take care of every detail throughout the entire manufacturing process.
This is the only way we can offer an optimal product and meet the most demanding
quality standards. We check every single rest system one by one before
marketing it, thus guaranteeing an impeccable and unique final product.

All our products are manufactured following strict European standards that guarantee a product free of substances harmful to health.




We offer a wide range of mattresses and bases specially designed for the hotel sector

Pioneers in Spain in the use of the pocket spring system, we currently offer the largest collection on the market: Multisac® Micro(1300 and 1800 springs), Multisac® Advanced (700 springs) and Multisac® System (500 springs)

We have patented and registered several resting systems. Among these we have Base-Fix®, a system that provides 100% stability of the base, thus prolonging its useful life.

The most specialized spring collection


  • Ergonomic precision: allows correctly positioning the spine, without pressure points, and promotes better blood circulation.
  • Independent sides of the bed: provides freedom of movement and independent adaptability.
  • Natural aeration: thanks to its constant ventilation, keeps your mattress cool, dry and free of moisture.
  • Non-deformable core, strength and durability: thanks to the resilience of Multisac® cores, the mattress maintains its properties despite intensive use and the passage of time.

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