To enjoy a soft and healthy rest
Its name says it all. Caricias (Caresses) is Sonpura's microfibre pillow that will conquer your guests with its feather touch, superior softness and a pleasant welcome never seen before. Ideal for those looking for a low firmness pillow, due to its thickness, it is perfect for sleeping on your stomach.

36.00 € PVPR


Sleep on a cloud

With Caricias your guests will sleep like on a cloud. A pillow with 100% microfibre filling that adapts naturally to the body's movements, with a thickness and firmness level 2, ideal for sleeping on your stomach. With excellent breathability, it prevents heat build-up in the head area, providing a cool sleep every night.

Find out why we chose that name

With an extra soft touch, as soon as your guests try it, they will discover why it is called Caricias. It has an outer case made of 100% cotton and a zip for easy removal, plus an inner case made of 100% polyester microfibre. Fully washable, it comes packed in a bag with handle and zip.


100% feather feel microfibre filler.


100% natural cotton case of great strength and softness.

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