Wood is the king of materials

A classic, but always in fashion, wood is the king of materials. Nature, well-being and durability are its hallmarks, and only by closing your eyes you can perceive such a pleasant sensation. That point of distinction that defines you.

Renewable and sustainable resource

Wood is a natural, renewable, recyclable and biodegradable resource, harvested responsibly following sustainability criteria. A wonderful material that helps protect the environment and will bring out the best side of you. See and feel the closeness of nature.

Present in our structures

Of unequalled quality, durable and elegant, wood is present in our structures, being one of our best allies. Tenacious and ductile yet flexible to work with, we use FSC-certified wood, which guarantees a responsible exploitation of forests.

The main material used in our Ottoman bed bases and legs for upholstered bed bases, it provides the extra comfort and stability that your body needs to relax each night and wake up energised the next day.


Warmth for your bedroom

Wood is an excellent thermal and acoustic insulator. Adapt your bedroom in a natural way, providing warmth and well-being. The comfort you need; not to sleep better, but to be better. Let nature be a part of your life!




We work with wood and use it in our mattresses to give you the boost of energy you need to face the day that is ahead of you. It will be nothing but advantages for you and for those around you. An ace up your sleeve that will make you want the alarm clock to go off.