A plant with multiple properties that are beneficial to health

Present in countless highly healthy ingredients, soya is a plant belonging to the legume family with many beneficial properties for health and well-being that go beyond food. And now, it has reached the world of rest through Sonpura.

Soya for rest

Among the properties of soya are its ability to absorb moisture and expel it to the outside, and a great capacity to regulate temperature naturally, keeping the mattress always cool, dry, comfortable and clean. It adapts to your body temperature to provide you with quality rest while caring for your skin and health.

Greater elasticity

Soy provides greater and better elasticity, contributing to a more pleasant rest thanks to its open and interconnected structure. It promotes good air circulation and helps achieve an ideal temperature throughout the night.


Good for your skin, your body and your health

Soya has beneficial properties for your skin, body and health. Rich in vitamins and minerals, your skin will feel much better when in contact with soya, relieving body pressure and adapting perfectly to the ergonomics of the body.




We have united the virtues of soya through a highly technological process, incorporating the benefits of this plant to some of the Sonpura mattresses such as Carisma, creating Blacksoja 50 kg/m³, a high density foam composed of soya oil that provides a more natural and ecological rest.