París Recycled Mattress

An unsurpassed rest
París Recycled is a Sonpura hotel mattress that will delight the most demanding guests, providing them with an unsurpassed rest that they cannot even dream of. A sustainable mattress that has 500 individually pocketed springs and is equipped with the best materials and the most advanced technologies, which provide maximum comfort and guarantee the best rest.

29 cm




The most sustainable mattress

París Recycled is a sustainable mattress that helps protect our coasts, made with polyester thread recycled from plastics that, in the event it were to end up in the sea, would not impose a problem. A 100% sustainable and environmentally friendly mattress without sacrificing comfort, able to conquer your guests from the first time they lie down and offer a restful sleep all night long, even on the most difficult nights.

Unmatched adaptability

Thanks to Microsil, a 25 kg/m³ technical foam that generates a very comfortable and suitable support for rest, París Recycled offers unequalled adaptability, being able to adapt to the body by reacting to body temperature. To this we must add Confortec, a flexible material that combined with the rest of the materials favours rest, and a viscoelastic capable of reducing pressure points, improving circulation.




Designed for the youngest in the family, the Multisac® System technology offers 500 pocket springs that guarantee excellent adaptation to the body and total independence of movement, with superior breathability and unbeatable comfort.


Fabric made by recycling plastics that may end up in the sea. We protect the coasts.


Flexible material that, combined with the rest of the materials, favours rest, offering greater comfort.


Technical foam 25 kg/m³. Provides a comfortable and adequate support for rest.


A material without which the world would not be the same.


This timeless material is used in products for children as well as seniors. Its multiple uses make it one of the most widely used raw materials.

Honorary distinction in comfort

París Recycled is a mattress that has obtained an honourable mention in terms of rest, and soon as you try it you will understand why. One of the most advanced mattresses you can find on the market, made with materials backed by the most demanding certifications and the most innovative and effective technologies, which translates into superior comfort and unparalleled rest.

A mattress with Sonpura's Multisac® System technology that provides the sleeper with 500 pocket springs in 150 x 190 cm sizes that guarantee excellent stability, adaptability and, above all, total independence of movement from one side of the bed to the other.

With anti-bedbug and flame-retardant treatment, it has a non-deformable casing, Compact system with lateral reinforcement and can be used indistinctly on both sides, since both sides are made with the same composition. This increases its useful life, keeping it in perfect condition for much longer.

What is most noteworthy is that París Recycled is a sustainable mattress made with recycled fabric from plastics that, in the event it were to end up in the sea, would not impose a problem. In short, a mattress to conquer them all.

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