Natural fibre that cares for your health and the environment

At Sonpura we use as many natural materials as possible, and organic cotton is among our favourites. A natural fibre that offers you a healthy and comfortable rest while preserving the environment. 

Material with heat-regulating properties

Organic cotton is a smart material with heat-regulating properties that absorbs moisture from the body and wicks it away, keeping the skin dry. It adapts to your body like a second skin, with a soft and silky touch that is much more pleasant and comfortable.



Say goodbye to sweat

Cool to the skin, organic cotton is a material with an excellent level of breathability that prevents sweat from accumulating on the body and underwear, contributing to its distribution throughout the body and its subsequent elimination. Dry and healthy sleep during any season of the year.




We use cotton in our mattresses and pillowcases to provide you with a cooler, drier and softer sleep even on the warmest nights. It offers exceptional aeration and a healthy breathability, necessary for a restful and moisture-free sleep.