Guests want
better beds.

After the pandemic, people have realized the importance of getting a good night sleep. This directly affects the quality and expectations they seek when sleeping away from home and makes them willing to pay more for it.


Better beds means
better awakenings.

We are convinced that you are what you sleep, with Sonpura hotel mattresses you will provide your guests with a memorable experience. You will turn your establishment into the most fashionable accommodation. 


A happy awakening means
better ratings.

Guests have critical appreciation factors, and one of them is the bedding experience. If you are able to offer your customers a great experience, they will provide you with excellent reviews.

Our success stories

Discover some establishments where you can enjoy the Sonpura experience.

Your ideal product in an adaptable design

Your customers expect to be surprises with memorable bedding experiences. Every guest is different and has preconceived expectations about what they want to find in your establishment. That is why at Sonpura we have segmented these consumers according to the experiences they want to have at your accommodation.

If you want to find the ideal mattress for your hotel here are our recommendations.