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In 1969, the year in which humans stepped on the moon for the first time, Sonpura was born with a clear objective: to improve your sleep. More than 50 years later, after passing from generation to generation, the company has grown and has been able to adapt to the needs of the most demanding sleepers, who find in Sonpura an unbeatable ally for a good night's sleep. A pioneer company in pocket spring technology in Spain, today, Susana Soriano, daughter of Luis the founder, leads the brand that has become a national benchmark, with the same enthusiasm as her grandfather did and a cocktail of new ideas that are revolutionizing the well-being of our customers. Currently, Sonpura specializes in pocket springs and, with facilities larger than 16,000 m², offers the widest range in Multisac® technology: Micro 1800, Micro 1300, Advanced and System. A safe choice for a restful sleep.


The Multisac System with 1600 pocket springs has been introduced in mattresses such as the Gaudí, which is quickly considered and valued by the OCU as one of the best price-to-quality mattresses on the market.


The company develops and patents the Base-Fix system, which guarantees 100% stability, eliminating any movement of the base. The differentiating factor for a more comfortable rest.


In 2014, Multisac advanced was introduced composed of 700 pocket springs that provide maximum comfort during sleep, with fully independent sides of the bed and favouring blood circulation.


In 2012, Multisac Micro 1300 was introduced, a mattress system composed of 1300 small micro-springs, which allows obtaining a 100% compact surface, maximum ergonomic precision and fully independent sides of the bed.


2005 is the year in which the Luis Soriano brand was renamed Sonpura. The product offering was expanded and improved, and 1000 springs were pocketed for the Multisac Compact model.
The Multisac Advanced system is added, with more pocket springs on the same surface, which provided bedding independence, increased body adaptation and ergonomics.
The company is now focusing exclusively on the production of the pocket spring.


In 2011, a second spring pocketing machine is purchased with 1000 in cotton and 500 in TCT. At that time, several technologies were available: Multisac Compact, Multisac Premiere, Multisac Combi, Natural Latex and Biconic.


In 1998, Luis Soriano launched its first three mattresses with pocket spring technology, which was named Multisac, becoming a pioneer in our country. The first machine for pocketing springs is purchased, using a 100% manual process.


In 1993, the company changed its image and logo, replacing the dove with a mattress. That same year, the brand moved to Viladecavalls, where the upholstery shop is located today, and began to manufacture biconical mattresses. Also in 1993, Luis Soriano bought the land for the mattress factory, and that is when the company began to manufacture upholstered bases.


In the early 1990s, pocket spring technology began to be introduced in Europe. At that time, this technology was totally unknown in Spain, and it quickly caught the attention of Luís Soriano due to its extremely high sleep performance. It was then that he made the most important business decision of his life: to reform his entire production system for the manufacture of the pocket spring.


unSon is renamed Luis Soriano.


Together with his father, Luis Soriano began manufacturing bed bases in Terrassa, under the brand name unSon.



With our patented system, the base of your mattress will be 100% stable

Sonpura designed and patented fastening system. 100% stability eliminating any movement of the base for a more comfortable rest.


Lifting systems

The best solution for your establishment. Lifting systems make it easier to carry out maintenance. They facilitate tasks such as making the bed or cleaning under the bases, taking care of ergonomics by avoiding uncomfortable postures and lumbar injuries.

Its sturdy structure is designed in steel, with anti-corrosion treatment and with maximum quality finishes.

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Quality control

At Sonpura we take care of every detail throughout the entire manufacturing process. This is the only way we can offer an optimal product and meet the most demanding quality standards.

We check every single rest system one by one before marketing it, thus guaranteeing an impeccable and unique final product.

Our commitment

We are a company committed to a healthy rest and respect for the environment. Our manufacturing processes meet European standards of optimization of energy resources, sustainability, recycling and waste management.

Our goal is to improve day by day, choosing raw materials that are free of harmful substances and complying with the strictest EU environmental regulations.


European certifications

All our products are manufactured following strict European standards that guarantee a product free of substances harmful to health.



100% Sustainable Energy Declaration

We are committed to caring for the environment and that is why our energy comes from 100% renewable sources.

The CNMC certifies that the energy used by your company comes from 100% renewable sources.

Together we will achieve a more sustainable planet.